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At Invisible Fence® Brand, we welcome your questions. After all, it’s your pet we’re talking about here. And, as a loving owner, you want to make sure you’re taking the best possible care of him. So, take a look at some of the questions other happy customers have asked. Still looking for the right answer? Just click here to get in touch with your neighborhood Invisible Fence® Brand dealer. Or give us a call at 1-866-804-1250.

Computer Collar Receiver Questions

  • How do I change the collar strap for my Invisible Fence® Brand collar?
    When changing the nylon strap that your Computer Collar unit attaches to, it is important to use the right tool. Any time you need to remove the computer portion, a 5/16 nut driver should be used. This tool is made to fit correctly over the posts for safe removal and tightening. To remove/unscrew the posts, turn them counterclockwise. To replace the posts, turn them clockwise. Tighten the posts only until you feel resistance to avoid over tightening and damage.
  • How tight should my pet’s Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar be around their neck?
    The Invisible Fence® Brand collar should be snug enough to slide only one finger between a correction post and your pet’s skin. Remember to adjust the fit of the collar as your pet’s coat, weight, and age change. Your pet’s coat may change from season to season.
  • Is an Invisible Fence® Brand collar waterproof?
    Yes, with an Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap battery in place, the Computer Collar unit is waterproof and can be submersed in water up to 10 feet. If the nylon collar strap becomes wet, it is recommended that it be removed from your pet and be allowed to air dry before replacing the collar on your pet’s neck.
  • What is the size of the Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar?
    Our MicroLite Computer Collar unit is so small it weighs ONLY 1 ounce! Measurements are approximately 1.75" wide x 1" tall x 1" deep.
  • Should I remove the Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar from my dog’s/cat’s neck periodically?
    Yes. It is very important to evaluate or remove the collar nightly. Because pets grow and change in size, it is important that you take the time to remove, check or adjust the collar. Check the fit of your pet’s collar to make sure that it fits snugly, but not too tightly, and is not causing any irritation. The best way to test the fit of the collar: you should be able to fit one finger between the correction post and the skin on your pet’s neck. Neck irritation may develop if the collar is too tight, but is most likely to take place (1) during warm, wet weather conditions (2) with thick-coated dogs (3) during shedding season or (4) any time the Computer Collar unit is left on for long periods of time. Failure to check ANY collar will result in skin irritation or pressure necrosis. These are not burns (since Invisible Fence® Brand uses static correction) but instead the result of skin irritation and not checking for the proper fitting of the collar.
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